family visiting at the facility, smiling elderly gentleman

I’m grateful, I mean it.  I can be a bear sometimes but I’ve come a long way.  I couldn’t hardly walk or breathe when I got here and now I’m walking around and getting ready to go home.  I’m not in perfect health but I’m able to walk and not lose my breathe.  Everyone’s been wonderful here.  Nick, Shannon, and Chris from therapy took their time with me and really cared about my progress.  They really encouraged me and had genuine care for me.  Jennifer M. and Summer were my main nurses and they were very good, not just with me, but with everyone.  The aides were very good too.  You know, you are only as good as your weakest link and there is no weak link here.  The kitchen workers were good to me and laundry workers treated me well too.  The Activity department kept me busy with things to do.  Jennifer G. in Admissions and Angel in Social Services helped me a lot.  The Administrator, John, well you know it all starts at the head or the top and it trickled down to everyone and everyone does a great job here.  I became friends with some of the residents here and they were very kind to me.  I plan on stopping back in to visit the friends I’ve made here.

Edward V.

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